Water Electrolysis Green Hydrogen Production System

  • High Efficiency Water Electrolysis System

    Ni-Co alloy-based Nanocatalyst with high-efficiency
    99.995% High purity green hydrogen
    82.5% high Efficiency rate

  • Energy Independent
    Green Hydrogen Generation System

    Independent water-electrolysis-based green hydrogen
    energy production, supply and storage system

  • Safe and Long-term Energy Supply

    Long-term storage and safe supply of hydrogen energy
    through large-capacity power generation and system safety devices

  • K-Energy Management System

    Customization system that reflects customer needs


Capacity 1 MW CO₂ Reduction 3,650 tonCO₂/yr
H2 Production Max. 611 kgH₂/day Hydrogen Purity 99.995 %
Energy Consumption Max. 47.6 kwh/kgH₂ System Efficiency Max. 82.5 %
* Expandable through modular structure

Supply Performance

  • Daekyung engineering

    Product : WaterLyzer
    Capacity : 2 kW