Energy Independent Green Hydrogen Generation System


  • CES 2023 Innovation Awards

    WaterStation, CES 2023 innovation award product
    Sustainable eco-friendly smart energy system

  • Energy Independent
    Green Hydrogen Generation System

    Independent water-electrolysis-based green hydrogen
    energy production, supply and storage system

  • Energy Independence Cycle

    Water quality secure through advanced purification treatment
      Alkaline water electrolysis system driving power supply through solar cells
      Green hydrogen Energy production through fuel cell
      Energy produced is stored in a battery and used for power generation

  • GI&LID Center Demonstrate

    GI&LID Center in Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam, Korea
    Solar power-based 10kW WaterStation in operation (2022~present)

  • Modular Large Capacity·Space Optimization

    Supports modular large-capacity expansion and space optimization

  • A-IoT based Efficient Energy Management

    Modbus, MQTT, HTTP, Database, etc.
    A-IoT-based energy data collection and
    Real-time two-way integrated energy management


Power 10 kW Max. H₂ Production 7.6 kg/day
Max. Required H₂O 76 L/day Max. Heated H₂O Production 63 L/day
Required Solar Energy 75 kW Max. Power Capacity Max. 224 kWh/day
Max. CO₂ Reduction 37.6 tonCO₂/yr Durability 20 yrs
* Expandable through modular structure