Energy Independent Green Hydrogen Boat


  • Energy Independent Green Hydrogen Boat

    A boat that uses solar energy to produce green
    hydrogen energy through water electrolysis and
    hydrogen fuel cells without external power supply and
    uses that energy as power

  • 1 hour drive with 1 bottle of water

    1 bottle of water can run the boat for 1 hour.
    The world's first technology to produce electricity by
    producing green hydrogen using a water electrolysis system


  • Product WB-MK1
    Electric Motor Output 1.5 BHP
    Fuel Cell Output 300 W
    Weight 300 kg
    H₂ Production 1 L/min
  • Product WB-MK2
    Electric Motor Output 5 BHP
    Fuel Cell Output 3 kW
    Weight 3.0 T
    H₂ Production 7 L/min